William McAdams Outstanding Service Award

The McAdams Award is presented annually by the ABHP for significant contributions toward the advancement of professionalism in Health Physics and to the Certification process. More information is available on the award and its recipients on the ABHP page.

Joyce P. Davis Memorial Award

The Davis Award is an AAHP award given in memory and honor of Joyce P. Davis in recognition of her dedication to the advancement of health physics and her humanitarian efforts to uphold the ethics of the profession. The recipient of this award demonstrates these extraordinary qualities exemplified by Joyce P. Davis, distinguishing themselves for excellence in professional achievement as well as being a champion of ethical behavior.

Those eligible for the award must be:

  1. a member of AAHP for at least 10 years;
  2. a demonstrated champion of professional standards and ethics, and;
  3. recognized for exemplary professional practice of health physics.

 The award will be presented at the AAHP Awards Luncheon during the annual Health Physics Society Annual Meeting.

Previous winners include:

    John J. Kelly, 2002
    James E. Tarpinian, 2004
    Carol D. Berger, 2006
    Howard W. Dickson, 2008
    Frazier L. Bronson, 2010
    Bryce Rich, 2014
    John Frazier, 2016
    Charles Roessler, 2018
    Dennis Quinn, 2019
    Douglas Minnema, 2020
    Charles "Gus" Potter, 2021
    Samuel L. Baker, 2022

Nancy K. Johnson National Service Award

This award is presented in honor of Nancy K. Johnson to individuals who have provided exceptional service to the Academy during the immediate Past President's term of office.

Previous winners include:

    Nancy Johnson, 2008
    E. Scott Medling, 2009
    Dan Strom, 2010
    Kyle Kleinhans, 2011
    Sandra J. Brereton, 2012
    Dan Mantooth, 2013
    James S. Willison, 2015
    Timothy Taulbee, 2017
    James Nunn, 2022