Section 9 - Past Part II Exams

Prior to 2003, the ABHP allowed candidates to retain their copies of the Part II exam. Starting with the 2003 exam, this practice was discontinued to facilitate reuse of exam questions.

All exams are provided in pdf format.

Since 1999, Part II candidates have been provided with a formula/equation sheet. The link provided is to the current version of the document.

2002 Exam (152K) 
2001 Exam (90K) 
2000 Exam (113K) 
1999 Exam (203K) 
1998 Exam (90K) 
1997 Exam (6.4 M) 
1996 Exam (2.21 M) 
1995 Exam (98K) 
1994 Exam (4.46 M) 
1993 Exam (3.63 M) 
1988 Exam (1.16 M) 
1987 Exam (831K) 
1986 Exam (472K) 
1985 Exam (422K) 
  and for the truly curious... 
1961 Exam (712K)

Sample solutions for 1996-2001 are available here