Section 2 - Exam Locations, Exam Scheduling, And Re-Examinations

Exam Locations

The Part I certification examination is administered through testing centers worldwide.  The Part II certification examination is given one day each year at several other locations throughout the country. The Part II exam sites for each year will be selected by the American Academy of Health Physics' Examination Site Selection Committee by February 1 of each year. All approved Part II candidates will be sent a site selection survey form in early March listing the tentative examination sites. The candidate should indicate first and second choices of location and will be assigned to the first choice unless that site does not have enough candidates to warrant the examination being given there. All candidates will be notified of their definite Part II exam site approximately 45 days prior to the examination date.

Exam Scheduling

Once a candidate is notified of eligibility to take an examination, the candidate must take the exam that year, or a new application must be submitted. Examination fees are non-refundable. Application material is only good for a one year period and must be resubmitted for any subsequent years.


If a candidate passes one part of the exam, the candidate must pass the other part within a period of seven years, or must reapply and retake both parts.